Community Volunteer Alliance

Mayor’s Volunteer Awards

The Mayors’ Volunteer Awards (MVA) gives community organizations like yours the opportunity to honor those who give their time and talents to help you fulfill your important mission. Over 60 winners and hundreds of nominees have been honored since the first MVA held in 2009. We look forward to receiving your nominations for the 2024 Mayors’ Volunteer Awards Dinner, which will be held Saturday, April 13th at Cornerstone Wedding & Event Center.

This annual event is organized by the Community Volunteer Alliance, a coalition of area volunteer coordinators and the United Way of Southeast Iowa whose mission it is to promote a strong community volunteer base. A selection panel will review the nominations and choose a winner in each category listed below to be announced at the dinnerEach nominee will be recognized with a certificate at the event. Winners of each category receive a plaque.

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  • Terrific Teen – recognizes exemplary dedication, compassion, and impactful contributions of outstanding teenagers (13-18 year olds) who selflessly give their time and talents to make a positive difference in their communities.
  • Cultural/Performing Arts – recognizes individuals whose passion and commitment to cultural enrichment and performing arts have significantly enhanced the artistic landscape, fostering creativity and community engagement.
  • Health – recognizes the exceptional commitment and compassionate service of individuals who, through their selfless contributions, have significantly improved the well-being of others within health facilities, retirement homes, hospitals, and various health-related organizations.
  • Education – recognizes the outstanding dedication and impactful contributions of individuals who have generously volunteered their time and expertise in schools and other education-focused organizations, enriching the learning experiences and fostering academic success for students.
  • Recreation – recognizes the exceptional contributions of individuals who, through their voluntary efforts in sports, recreational, or environmental activities, programs, or services, have significantly enhanced the well-being and enjoyment of their community.
  • Community Service – recognizes individuals whose dedicated service through private or public agencies has made a profound and positive impact on the betterment of our community, exemplifying a commitment to selfless contribution and civic responsibility.
  • Life Achievement – recognizes the extraordinary and sustained commitment of an individual who, over 20 or more years, has dedicated their lifetime to selflessly volunteering for a single organization, embodying a profound and enduring impact on the community they serve.

Nomination Guidelines:

Please note that previous award-winners are not eligible for nomination in the same category.

  1.   Each organization may nominate up to one (1) individual per category.  Individuals can be nominated in only ONE of the categories listed. Submit one nomination form and one narrative for each nominee.

  2.   Nominated volunteers must not have received any monetary compensation for their service.

  3.   The volunteer service must have occurred in Burlington or West Burlington during the past year (Jan. 1, 2023-Dec. 31, 2023).

  4.   Nominations must be made for individual volunteers, not organizations as a whole.  Married couples and pairs of volunteers who consistently volunteer together may be nominated as a unit and will each receive a certificate.

  5.   The nominating organization will receive an Organization Reservation Form prior to the awards dinner.  The nominating organization is responsible for inviting and registering their nominees for the dinner.  The fee is $20 per person.  Nominating organizations will be responsible for agency representatives and each nominee’s fee.

  6. If an organization’s nominee is selected as a winner, a representative from the agency will have the optional opportunity to present the award to their nominee and speak to their service.

  7.   Nominations are due by March 1, 2024